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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download and install
the applications separately?
You only download and install Netwrix Auditor platform once. It already has all the applications.
What is the benefit of the "platform" approach?
If you purchase 2 or more applications you will be able to work with the audit data in a single environment. This will allow you to see what is happening across multiple IT systems.
How are Netwrix Auditor applications licensed?
Netwrix Auditor applications are perpetually licensed by the number of enabled Active Directory users in your organization.
Do you have special pricing for
public sector organizations?
Special pricing is available for government, education and nonprofit customers.
What about support and maintenance?
All new perpetual license purchases come with a 1-year Software Maintenance Contract which is included in the cost. Valid from the date of purchase, the contract entitles customers to free product updates and technical support throughout the first year.
Is there MSP (Managed Service Provider) pricing?
We have a special program for MSPs. Please visit our MSP portal for more details.