Gain Сomplete Visibility
into IT Infrastructure Changes
and Data Access
Who changed What, When and Where?
See who made a change, when it was made,
and what was changed, including the before
and after values.
Is my environment secure and ready
for compliance audits?
Control what’s going on in your IT infrastructure
and prove to auditors that required security
policies are being followed.
Who has access to what?
Find out who can access cardholder data,
medical records or financial statements on
your file servers and storage appliances.
Unlike other vendors, Netwrix focuses exclusively on IT auditing. The sharp focus enables us to offer superior change auditing software. Our mission is to provide you with complete visibility into IT infrastructure changes and data access that helps you strengthen security, pass compliance audits and improve the efficiency of IT operations.
Netwrix Auditor has become synonymous with visibility for IT administrators, IT managers and C-level executives. Over 150,000 IT departments worldwide have already incorporated Netwrix change auditing software into their IT ecosystem.
"Netwrix Auditor provides me with accurate visibility regarding what changed when. I really like the low system overhead of the Netwrix product and how easy it was to get it up and running."
Kathryn J. Roxby, Sr. IT Administrator,
L-3 Electron Technologies Division

Why Choose Netwrix Auditor?

Provides clear, actionable information about every change and data access attempt, without the noise associated with native auditing tools.
Is a truly integrated solution, in contrast to multiple standalone change auditing tools from other vendors that are hard to integrate.
Supports both agentless and lightweight agent-based modes of operation so performance never suffers.
Includes first-class, U.S.-based customer support with 97% customer satisfaction.
Supports the broadest variety of audited systems — all from a single platform.
Is easy to install and configure, with no professional services required.

Delivering visibility for security and compliance is our core competency

A singular focus on IT auditing has earned Netwrix more than 70 awards. Leading industry analysts, publications and IT pros just like you recognize us for innovative technology, strategic vision, customer support and rapid growth.

Gain complete visibility into your IT infrastructure
with Netwrix Auditor

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