Netwrix Enterprise Management Suite

Integrated suite of systems management tools that includes all Netwrix products

Windows IT Pro 2011 Editors' Best Bronze Award (Best Management Suite)

Netwrix Enterprise Management Suite (now Netwrix All-in-One Suite) is a rich collection of all Netwrix products combined together into one integrated solution. For customers interested in several Netwrix products the Enterprise Management Suite is a cost effective option that provides access to the entire set of all Netwrix systems management and compliance products with simple licensing per AD user. The suite is well maintained and regularly updated with new versions and completely new products: please see the product release history to get an idea of our fast-paced research and development environment.

Benefits of Netwrix Enterprise Management Suite:

  • All Netwrix products are included: identity management, compliance, change auditing, virtualization, event log management, messaging - everything we already have and are going to have;
  • Access to all new products (as long as maintenance contract is active);
  • Access to all new minor and major versions (as long as maintenance contract is active);
  • Simplified licensing per enabled Active Directory user. For products that are normally licensed per server, CPU, or admin user, the Suite includes a predefined number of such licenses (e.g. with 1000 user license the suite includes license for 10 servers and 10 administrators);
  • Full-featured Enterprise Editions (or Standard Edition for products that do not have the Enterprise Edition);
  • Very attractive pricing, much cheaper than individual products purchased separately.

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