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Netwrix Auditor for VMware


Netwrix Auditor for VMware is a change auditing solution that strengthens security, streamlines compliance and optimizes operations by providing comprehensive auditing capabilities for your virtual environment. It transforms complex audit data into actionable intelligence and offers easy-to-read reports with details about all changes.

Reports provide information about what was changed, who made the change, when and where it happened as well as the “before” and “after” values, which enforces controlled VMware change management processes across your vCenter and its servers, folders, clusters, resource pools and hardware configurations of virtual machines. Broad reporting and historical archiving capabilities facilitate forensic analysis of VMware security incidents and passing compliance audits.

Key Benefits

Delivers complete visibility into what is happening across VMware infrastructure.
Ensures continuous compliance with PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53, COBIT, ISO27001, and others by helping with implementation and validation of internal control and providing reports required to pass audits.

Enables detection and investigation of VMware security incidents via analysis of unauthorized or malicious changes to system configurations.
Optimizes operations through help in instrumenting root cause analysis, troubleshooting and repair of broken system configurations.

Feature Highlights


Detects and reports all configuration changes across VMware infrastructure with Who, What, When, Where details and Before/After values.

Scalable two-tiered storage (file-based + SQL database) that holds consolidated audit data for up to and beyond 10 years.
Predefined Reports
& Dashboards

Predefined reports and dashboards with filtering, grouping, sorting, exporting, email subscriptions, drill-down, web access, granular permissions and ability to create custom reports.

Unified platform to audit the entire IT infrastructure, as opposed to multiple hard-to-integrate standalone tools from other vendors.

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Feedback From Those You Trust

...configuration auditing tools can help you analyze your configurations according to best practices, enforce configuration standards and adhere to regulatory requirements...

Redmond Magazine
...auditing is generally a rather difficult task, especially if done manually. All of the many details you need to consider and remember are taken care of by Netwrix Auditor...

Windows IT Pro Magazine
...best Auditing and Compliance product 4 years in a row...