Not being able to detect attacks quickly can lead to security incidents, huge compliance fines and business disruption. See how Netwrix Auditor helps you quickly spot suspicious user activity, investigate attacks and respond to them in time.
During compliance checks, auditors often require you to demonstrate that all necessary policies and procedures are properly implemented and strictly followed. See how Netwrix Auditor provides you with the information required to prove your compliance to auditors.
Most compliance standards require that organizations know what regulated data they have, where it is stored and what can put this data at risk. See how Netwrix Auditor enables you to find it and spot the risks that endanger sensitive files and the systems they are stored in, so you can proactively respond.
Dealing with regulatory standards without a strong plan can lead to overlooked requirements, missed deadlines and cost overruns. See how Netwrix Auditor’s mapping document helps you gain better understanding of compliance standards and start preparation process with less effort.