Most compliance regulations require organizations to demonstrate control over who accesses critical applications. Without a specialized solution, this task can be nearly impossible. Join Scott as he gathers proof of compliance for an upcoming audit and spots an unknown account accessing a critical database.
Many organizations have shared mailboxes, as well as policies that allow administrators to access other users’ mailboxes. Monitoring non-owner mailbox activity goes a long way toward preventing privilege abuse. Watch how Christine compiles evidence on a disgruntled employee who wreaked havoc in a shared mailbox.
Corporate file shares are a gold mine for hackers and malicious insiders, so proper file server security has to be a top priority for IT teams. See how John monitors activity in one of his organization’s most sensitive folders and discovers someone trying to get in.
Usually when a user’s account gets locked, it’s simply that they forgot their password. But might something more serious be hiding behind some lockouts? Join Jake as he investigates an account lockout and uncovers a serious security policy violation.