Even a small change to VMware® system configuration or VMware® ESX® or VMware® ESXi™ server permissions can threaten data security or business-critical processes, so you can’t afford to spend hours digging through logs to spot and investigate issues. With Netwrix Auditor for VMware, you can view insightful reports enriched with actionable security information in seconds, gaining the 360-degree visibility into changes across your virtual machines you need to identify and block potential threats before it’s too late.

Reporting on VMware changes with native tools can be a real pain

One way to keep an eye on events across your VMware® vSphere®, VMware® vCenter Server® or standalone VMware ESX/ESXi hosts is to use the vSphere client — the Events tab lists activity that happened in your VMware infrastructure. However, you can view events from only a single virtual machine at a time. Plus, using native VMware for reporting means you have to manually sift through the logs in order to get the details you need to detect aberrant user that needs your immediate attention. Furthermore, lack of report delivery options makes report generation inconvenient, increasing the risk that you won’t notice critical events in time to prevent security incidents and business disruptions.

Save time and effort getting the VMware reports you need with Netwrix Auditor

Get ready for a game changer. You can have a software solution that stands out among all the other VMware reporting tools because it provides both pervasive visibility and streamlined reporting to improve management and control over your virtualization technologies. Netwrix Auditor for VMware empowers you to stay on top of changes to your VMware vCenter, vSphere and hosted ESX/ESXi environments. With it at your fingertips, you can:

  • Easily get all the critical details about every change to VMware inventory, virtual machines, vCenter servers clusters and more.
  • Slash report preparation time by subscribing to the reports you need most and getting them automatically delivered to your inbox on the schedule you specify.
  • Quickly get to the root cause of performance problems by digging deeper into recent changes with the Google-like interactive search.
  • Remediate threats faster with alerts on critical activity.
  • Retain your VMware audit data securely for over 10 years in a two-tiered (file-based + SQL Server database) storage for later review or for your next audit check.

All WMware Changes report from Netwrix Auditor: Action, Object Type, What, Who and When