Press Release: Netwrix Expands Suite of Regulatory Compliance Solutions With Non-Owner Mailbox Access Reporter for Exchange

The New Free Tool Bolsters the Ability to Detect and Report on Unauthorized Mailbox Activity From Users With Excessive or Misconfigured Rights

Paramus, New Jersey, November 11, 2008 - Netwrix Corporation, a provider of systems management and compliance solutions for Active Directory and virtual environments, announced today that it is offering FREE downloads of its Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter software -- the company's latest tool in an ever-growing arsenal of solutions designed to combat systems management security and regulatory compliance concerns in IT environments. Netwrix Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter is a complimentary product for Microsoft Exchange that unleashes the ability to detect all situations in which administrators and others have gained access to another user's mailbox. It also is able to show who accessed what mailboxes over the last day, month, or year -- paving way for the detection of unauthorized activity from users with excessive or misconfigured rights.

"In today's fiercely competitive global business climate, the ability to protect intellectual property is vital and yet more challenging as technology advances," said Netwrix President and CEO Michael Fimin. "We are pleased to be able to provide our customers with another software tool that addresses these concerns while helping to protect the integrity and sensitivity of everything from company secrets to financials, which are often transmitted electronically across networks."

Also available in a commercial version, Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter is a vital tool for all companies that rely on Microsoft Exchange and that strive to protect trade secrets and prevent the theft of all sensitive materials -- from relationships with partners to other activities performed by company executives and management -- because it allows for the detection of unauthorized and accidental access to confidential e-mails.

In addition to these clear benefits, Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter for Exchange also allows for the easy generation of reports for IT compliance auditors to help companies pass audits, such as SOX and HIPAA. The ability to prevent the stealing of confidential information from the mailboxes of company executives and management, coupled with the product's ability to provide detailed audits of such mailboxes, ensures that internal security policies and regulatory compliance requirements are met. In creating such a solution with built-in reporting and consolidation mechanisms, Netwrix further expands its footprint in a growing marketplace, where the ability to audit non-owner mailbox access is considered a major requirement of regulatory compliance standards.

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