Press Release: Power Saving Manager Release

Paramus, NJ, May 20, 2010 - Netwrix Corporation, a provider of systems management and compliance solutions for Active Directory and virtual environments, announced today the official release of Netwrix Workstation Power Saving Manager, a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution that automates efficient power management. Workstation Power Saving Manager can reduce operation costs at a rate of 30% by automatically transitioning selected computers to "power save mode" during non-business hours, and waking them up when users or IT operations need them during business hours.

"The new solution is a reflection of the modern push for a more Earth-friendly business culture," said Netwrix President and CEO Michael Fimin. "Environmental conservation is important to everyone these days, and it's equally important to us at Netwrix. Our new product automates green initiatives while cutting costs."

An average computer uses 500-700 kilowatt hours of electrical energy annually, which costs up to $100 in utility bills. Netwrix Workstation Power Saving Manager enforces automatic energy conservation allowing organizations to utilize only the power they need to save on power costs and reduce their carbon footprint - a growing initiative that is becoming increasingly important to both customers and governing agencies. A freeware version is available to organizations that use less than 50 computers.

Learn more about Workstation Power Saving Manager and download your free copy.

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