IT survey: nearly 3 in 4 IT professionals report that SIEM solutions don’t reduce security incidents

Netwrix survey of 800 IT professionals finds that the majority of companies still don’t have complete visibility into what is going on across their IT infrastructures

Irvine, CA, October 30, 2014

In a survey of 800 IT professionals working for companies of all sizes involved in more than 30 industries, 74% of IT professionals who have deployed a SIEM (security information and event management) solution admitted that it didn’t significantly reduced security incidents. Findings of the Netwrix 2014 SIEM Efficiency Survey Report also reveal that the majority of IT pros who have a SIEM solution agreed that, when it comes to auditing changes, SIEM has noise, gaps in audited data and hard-to-read change auditing reports. As a result, most organizations don’t know who changed what, when and where.

With the increasing growth in security breaches, the survey tackled the problem of IT infrastructure auditing as a key to strengthen security and protect sensitive data against insider threats and external attacks.

62% of surveyed IT pros stated that they have encountered security violations of their IT infrastructures at least once. The survey also showed that large enterprises experience security incidents more often than small and medium businesses. However, SMBs are not immune, as half of them have to deal with security violations. Surprisingly, 73% of SMBs make little effort to ensure complete visibility of their IT infrastructures and struggle to audit changes made to sensitive information and system configurations.

Summarizing the survey results, companies with SIEM solutions deployed are mostly unsatisfied with the level of detail provided in SIEM change auditing reports and they also admit experiencing security violations. Despite the rising trend of security breaches, less than a third of organizations plan to strengthen the security by enabling continuous auditing of their IT environments. However, the majority of companies that already use change and configuration auditing solutions find them helpful when investigating a security breach.

"SIEM is recognized as a powerful solution for ensuring security of the whole network. However, as the findings of the survey show, security requires a deeper insight into what is happening across the entire IT infrastructure," says Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix. "Continuous change and configuration auditing adds more value and enforces the SIEM solution with details of who did what, when, and where across all systems and applications. Auditing changes on a regular basis is a key point in preventing security breaches and ensuring that sensitive information is protected."

The key findings are summarized in the infographic:

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