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We care about security of your data.
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Increase IT productivity and enhance security with automated group management

Ensuring that each user has exactly the access they need is critical to security and productivity. But trying to manually manage group membership is a huge burden on IT teams, and it’s prone to human errors that introduce security vulnerabilities. Netwrix GroupID, a top rated Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD)  and Active Directory group management tool enables you to automate and delegate group management, increasing IT productivity and enhancing security.

Update group membership without lifting a finger with dynamic groups
Automate group management across directories by creating query-based smart groups, which dynamically determine group membership based on users’ current attributes in the directory.
Automatically maintain accurate group hierarchies in Active Directory and Entra ID
Effortlessly keep group hierarchies up to date — any changes to the attributes of a parent group are automatically reflected in all child groups. 
Save valuable IT team time while improving security with delegation
Delegate group management to group owners, empowering them to approve or deny user requests for group membership.
Easily ensure compliance with regular attestation of group status
Keep the groups you need and expire the ones you don’t by requiring owners to regularly review the continued need for their groups
Keep groups current across directories with linked groups
Ensure that changes to groups in one directory are promptly reflected in the groups in all linked identity stores, without the need for a synchronization tool.

Comprehensive group management that
boosts security and productivity

Netwrix GroupID streamlines Entra ID and Active Directory group managment. Powerful features like dynamic groups and delegated approval workflows increase IT productivity while enhancing security.

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Update group membership automatically
Instead of manually managing lists of group members, create a query that dynamically determines group membership based on users’ current attributes in Active Directory and Entra ID
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Link groups across directories
Ensure any change to a group in one directory is automatically reflected in the same group in a linked identity store — in near real time and without any third-party connector
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Nest groups intelligently 
Simplify the creation and maintenance of group hierarchies by ensuring that any changes to the attributes of a parent group are automatically reflected in child groups
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Ensure unneeded groups expire
Maintain productivity and compliance by having group owners regularly review whether their groups are still required so you can keep the ones you need and expire any you don’t
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Assign group owners 
Avoid orphaned groups by ensuring that each group has a primary owner. Add owners as needed, and even automatically remove them after a set time
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Delegate group managment 
Use an automated workflow to allow users to request the access they need and empower group owners to approve or deny those requests
Netwrix GroupID Group Management
Learn more about how Netwrix GroupID can help you to increase productivity and security by automating and delegating group management in Active Directory and Entra ID.