Active Directory Recovery with Netwrix Auditor

Object and attribute–level Active Directory recovery without DC downtime

Netwrix Change Notifier for Active Directory with limited functionality is freeware and never expires. The full Active Directory recovery functionality is available in Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory, which can be evaluated for free and without any limitations for 20 days.

Feature Netwrix Change Notifier for Active Directory (Freeware) Netwrix Auditor
for Active Directory
(Free Trial)
Enterprise-class scalability Limited Full
A single installation handles multiple managed domains No Yes
Integrated management console for unified administration of all Netwrix products No Yes
Rollback timeframe Limited, only changes made within last 4 days Any rollback point since installation
Technical Support Support Forum Full range of options
Licensing Free of charge Per enabled AD account, please see our licensing information or request a quote
Download Freeware Free Trial