Netwrix Password Manager
(formerly Web-based Password Change for AD)

Self-service password reset solution for Active Directory

This product is no longer available. Please check other free tools offered by Netwrix.

Most password policies require users to change their passwords periodically, e.g., every 90 days. Normally, users who work inside an Active Directory domain in the corporate network receive password change prompts right at their logon screens and don't experience any difficulties. But those who connect remotely (from home or during travel), using non-Microsoft clients (e.g., Linux, Mac) or mobile devices, unfortunately do not have this convenience.

Netwrix Web-based Password Change for AD is a very simple alternative to a full-featured self-service password management product. Netwrix Active Directory password reset tool provides a simple Web form to change domain passwords remotely for users who don't have access to the normal logon or Ctrl-Alt-Del screen because they are not connected to the domain or do not use a Linux, Mac, or PDA device. Users just visit an easy to remember URL, enter their user name, old password, and new password, and they are all set without an extra helpdesk call.

Netwrix also recommends that you try Password Expiration Alerting with Netwrix Auditor, that automatically reminds both on-site and remote users to change their passwords before they expire.