Advanced Active Directory Restore with Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

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Because Active Directory is a truly mission-critical IT system, a single inappropriate change in AD can lead to service downtime and lost productivity. Therefore, administrators don't just need to be aware about all changes made in the directory service; they also need a convenient Active Directory rollback tool that enables them to quickly revert harmful modifications. Built-in Active Directory restore capabilities require complex, time-consuming and error-prone manual operations and are useful primarily for full Active Directory restoration.

With Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory, you can skip manual restore from backup and easily revert any unauthorized changes in AD to a desired previous state. Furthermore, it goes beyond native tombstone limitations and enables you to restore objects from any moment in the past either entirely (with all their attributes) or granularly. Plus, unlike the native Active Directory restore feature, the Netwrix Active Directory object restore functionality doesn't require you to reboot your domain controller, eliminating downtime.

For example, if a group was deleted, you can quickly recover it together with all its members, with no downtime. If an organizational unit was removed, you can restore the entire OU with all the objects in it, or you can choose which objects in the OU you want to be restored. With this powerful ability to roll back Active Directory changes and restore deleted objects, Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory enables you to ensure business continuity, minimize service disruptions and improve the overall integrity of your IT infrastructure.