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Netwrix Auditor 9.7

Detect and Block Attacks
on Your Network Devices

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We care about security of your data. Privacy Policy
hardware background
Spot and investigate attacks
Cisco and Fortinet
network devices
See who has access to what
and minimize
overexposed data
in SharePoint
Speed investigations with readily
information about
suspicious accounts
Ensure instant response
to common
or anticipated threats
Netwrix Auditor
for Network Devices

Stay updated on what’s
going on
with your network devices

Reduce the risk of attackers taking control of your critical network infrastructure or insiders inadvertently or deliberately jeopardizing its security. Quickly catch whenever someone is trying to log into Cisco or Fortinet devices and detect activity aimed at monitoring or manipulating the traffic to and from your network, or masking illegitimate access to your critical systems.

detect and investigate suspicious activity
Detect and investigate suspicious activity
Spot and analyze failed and unauthorized attempts to log into your
network devices directly or via VPN, as well as suspicious changes
that could jeopardize the security of your network.
alert screenshot 1
enforce strong and effective controls
Enforce strong and effective controls
Improve security and comply with regulations and best practices frameworks
such as PCI DSS, NIST and CIS Critical Security Controls by monitoring and controlling changes to the configurations of your network devices.
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minimize costly network downtime
Minimize costly network downtime
Reduce the time to detect and respond to hardware issues and improper unauthorized changes that violate your established network segmentation, jeopardizing the performance and security of your network.
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Visibility into
SharePoint Permissions

Discover who has access to what
on your SharePoint

See through the tangled SharePoint permissions layout and get a clear picture of which users have what permissions to what data. Netwrix Auditor enables you to proactively mitigate the risk of insider misuse and reduce the reach of compromised accounts by streamlining the process of conducting regular privilege attestations.

users rights
Regularly review each user’s rights to SharePoint data to ensure they are aligned with their responsibilities: no more, no less.
Permissions screenshot 1
permissions to site collections
Analyze permissions to site collections that contain sensitive data. Ensure that these documents are not needlessly overexposed.
Permissions screenshot 2
see how permissions were granted
See how exactly permissions were granted and identify broken inheritance to create a more manageable SharePoint environment.
Permissions screenshot 3
User Profile
Automated Response

Respond to incidents in seconds, not days

Speed threat mitigation and improve IT team productivity by having Netwrix Auditor alerts automatically trigger custom scripts. Use your deep knowledge of your organization’s policies and use cases to craft the best response for each type of incident. Your only limit is your scripting genius.

The CEO’s account has been
locked out due to high number
of failed logons.
Your automated response
Choose one or more possible actions
to form your automatiс response.
A blacklisted program has
been launched on the main
domain controller.
Your automated response
Choose one or more possible actions
to form your automatiс response.
A user account has been
added to a privileged
AD group.
Your automated response
Choose one or more possible actions
to form your automatiс response.
Someone has changed dozens
of documents on a file share
in less than one minute.
Your automated response
Choose one or more possible actions to form your automatiс response.
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That was some A+ scripting!
You're all set to automate responses
to alerts in Netwrix Auditor.
Learn about additional enhancements in Netwrix Auditor 9.7 that improve usability,
performance and stability
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See the full list of Netwrix Auditor advantages and learn how the platform enables you to mitigate risks, reduce the time to detect and investigate threats, and automate response to incidents.
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Netwrix Auditor 9.7

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