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Introducing Netwrix Auditor 9.96

Level up your database and virtual security

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We care about security of your data. Privacy Policy
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Play an interactive game that walks you through the main features of Netwrix Auditor 9.96 and see how good you are at securing your IT environment.
Gain visibility into sql server permissions
Close security gaps across your databases
Securing databases is hard because the complicated server-level and database-level permissions leave you unable to tell whether data is at risk and who has excessive permissions to sensitive data, which could result in data leaks and compliance nightmares. With Netwrix Auditor, you can find your way to staying out of the security breach spotlight
Should all these users have access to the database that contains customer information?
Do Sophie’s job responsibilities require her to have access to the production database?
Achieve more scrutiny over vmware
Don’t let attackers through your first line of defense
IT systems that run business-critical services or store valuable information are often virtualized. Unfortunately, organizations often fail to pay as much attention to the security of their virtualized environment as they do to their physical servers. Malicious actors are eager to exploit loose permissions or make critical changes in order to gain access to your virtualized systems and steal your sensitive data.
Keep VMware access under control
Report the severity of a breach
Focus on high-risk incidents first
Expand netwrix auditor to nutanix ahv
Increase the resilience of your virtual environment
It’s important to stay on top of any suspicious activity in your virtual environment, regardless of which virtualization vendors you rely on. With Netwrix Auditor Add-on for Nutanix AHV, you can take advantage of one of the most modern virtual infrastructures while keeping your IT auditing top notch.
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Don’t let attacker breach your company
Choose the action you’d take to stop an attacker
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You’ve successfully mitigated the risk of a data breach!
Now make it happen in real life with Netwrix Auditor 9.96
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We care about security of your data.
Privacy Policy
Regularly ensure that no one except the HR and management teams has access to the database containing employees’ personal records
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Exactly! It’s important to systematically ensure that employees have access to only what they need. This way, you can limit the damage a malicious insider or compromised account can do.
Verify that the QA team’s access is limited to specific database tables and does not extend to the entire production database
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Nice move! You don’t want one of your users to deliberately or accidentally expose your critical database information.
Revoke the permissions of all DevOps engineers who no longer use the virtual machine for testing
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That’s right! Unfortunately, one engineer still had elevated privileges to VMware vCenter and therefore had access to the corporate data stored on your virtualized file server, which put your corporate data at risk!
Systematically validate that the access rights of VMware administrators are in line with their job responsibilities
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Impressive! You need to constantly review the permissions of privileged users and ensure they are aligned with the least-privilege principle. But don’t count on this best practice alone – one of your administrator accounts just got hacked!
Check what information Attacker had access to in your critical databases
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Good job! Unfortunately, Attacker found his way to your sensitive data by exploiting the loose permissions on the virtual machine that runs your database.
See whether Attacker had permissions to the virtual machine your database runs on
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Great idea! Even though the database permissions are correct, VM access rights may have blind spots that Attacker could use to gain access to your sensitive data.
Monitor changes to the Account Unlock Time setting in VMware vCenter
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Good call! VMware recommends unlocking accounts automatically in 15 minutes. Changes that will unlock them sooner increase the risk of a successful brute-force attack.
Receive notifications whenever the Managed Object Browser (MOB) is enabled
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Well done! The MOB should be disabled by default and used only for debugging when a corresponding ticket has been opened. Otherwise, attackers can use this weak spot to perform malicious configuration actions and get access to critical systems that store your sensitive data.
Keep an eye on what a departing administrator is doing in the Nutanix AHV environment
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Smooth! Monitoring the activity of privileged users can help you ensure they are following internal policies and don’t misuse their elevated permissions.
Set up alerts on critical Nutanix AHV activity, like hardware configuration changes and logons to Prism outside of business hours
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Correct! By quickly detecting suspicious activity, you can respond to security incidents before a critical virtual machine gets compromised.
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What’s New in Netwrix Auditor 9.96
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