New York, NY, October 14, 2020

Axonius and Remediant, Now Part of Netwrix, Partner to Simplify Access Management

With Netwrix SecureONE adapter, customers may identify all privileged access and associate users with known devices seen in the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management platform.

Axonius today announced a partnership with Remediant, now part of Netwrix, that enables customers to continuously identify privileged users and their points of exposure to ransomware and lateral movement. Using the Netwrix SecureONE adapter in the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management platform, customers may identify all privileged access discovered by SecureONE, and associate users with known devices seen in Axonius.

IT and security teams spend significant amounts of time identifying privileged users, and even more time figuring out everything a privileged user has access to. A recent ESG survey shows that 73% of organizations admit to having an end-user device visibility gap. With privileged users becoming more prevalent and distributed, and the complexity of IT environments increasing, continuous monitoring of user access and IT assets is needed more than ever before.

It’s become extremely challenging to discover and correlate information for IT assets and privileged users, and the recent shift to remote work makes asset and user monitoring more critical. By integrating with Axonius, we bring visibility into the device and the identity layer into a single dashboard that offers a real understanding of the risk exposure to your assets.
JD Sherry, Chief strategy officer at Remediant, now part of Netwrix

Together, the agentless Axonius and Netwrix SecureONE solutions can be quickly and easily deployed to close the end-user device visibility gap by delivering continuous, real-time identification of privileged users along with correlated data to help identify which devices are associated with privileged and non-privileged users. A simple search with the Axonius Query Wizard delivers instant understanding into user policy level, last Remediant scan time, and all associated devices. Security teams may then create custom dashboards and report on user access over time.

Axonius is committed to expanding our partnership footprint so that customers can integrate any data source needed to better understand their IT environment and reduce cyber risk. The SecureONE adapter helps our customers better understand their assets by correlating rich user access data with device data in the Axonius platform.
Dean Sysman, co-founder and CEO at Axonius

Axonius Technology Partner Program

Axonius is building an ecosystem to foster success for both technology partners and their customers by providing cybersecurity asset management capabilities that are foundational to any security strategy. With more than 270 adapters (pre-built API integrations) for security and IT management solutions, Axonius is the only cybersecurity asset management platform that can provide the comprehensive visibility and security policy enforcement that companies need to stay secure.

Axonius has quickly become the platform of choice for ensuring proper coverage, deployment, and usage of tools in the security and IT tech stack. As a result, Axonius Tech Partners are seeing increased adoption of their platforms as the Axonius customer base grows rapidly. To learn more about Axonius technology partnerships and joint go-to-market opportunities, visit

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