Improve Business Continuity with Auditing

Quickly identify changes that impact operations, security and productivity

Unauthorized and accidental changes in Active Directory, Group Policy, file servers, Exchange, SQL Server, virtual environments and other IT infrastructure changes can have a negative impact on business continuity and predictability. If users suddenly can’t access the needed resources and get needed information, then your business simply can’t perform.

Your ability to ensure business continuity depends entirely on whether you can quickly detect and revert inappropriate or unauthorized changes. Trying to accomplish this task manually can take enormous resources and still never paint the whole picture of exactly what happened.

Native auditing within systems is insufficient to adequately support business needs, lacking important detail or an ability to notify you of changes. A better more recommended solution is to use auditing software that will automate and streamline this time-consuming task.

Audit using simple, efficient and affordable solution

Unlike traditional log-based auditing and monitoring solutions (such as SIEM), Netwrix makes it very easy to find relevant answers to key questions:

  • What specifically was changed?
  • Who did it?
  • When was the change made?
  • Where was the change made?

Netwrix Auditor can give you answers to all those critical questions, providing you with the previous and new values for each modified setting. You will always have answers to such questions, as:

  • Who deleted an organizational unit in Active Directory?
  • Who deactivated strong password policy?
  • What changes occurred to virtual machine configuration?
  • Who accessed sensitive files or file servers?
  • What servers were removed from a SharePoint farm?
  • and all other types of important modifications.

Try Netwrix Auditor, #1 configuration auditing solution as recognized by IT Pros like you

Imagine that you accidentally deleted the wrong user container. You only wanted to delete your test accounts, but now all the users in your Active Directory are gone. You can either look for a new job, or just restore them with Netwrix Auditor.
- Michael Pietroforte,

Netwrix Auditor provides configuration auditing solution that covers the broadest reach of critical systems and allows tracking and reporting on all changes made across the entire IT infrastructure. Netwrix Auditor streamlines compliance, improves security in a single solution that is easy to configure and manage.