Auditing Solutions for a Large Organization

Larger organizations face the unique problem of having many more sets of IT hands managing very specific parts of the IT infrastructure. A single change that can go unnoticed can have adverse effects on the security and availability of your most critical systems. A change auditing solution designed for a large organization has to adjust to and ever-changing environment and help you meet audit challenges, such as maintaining compliance with regulations, minimizing the risk of security breaches, ensuring business continuity and operational efficiency.

Netwrix Auditor offers effective change auditing of the entire IT infrastructure and gives you answers to the critical questions regarding every change.

  • What was changed?
  • What were the before and after values?
  • Who made the change?
  • When and where was the change made?

Easy-to-understand on-demand and scheduled reports allow you to know exactly what’s happening in the organization. State-in-time reporting empowers you with always-up-to-date information on the state of your IT infrastructure.

We considered tools from several vendors as well as inbuilt tools. Most were either too time consuming to implement, too cumbersome to maintain, too expensive to purchase or too easy to circumvent. We chose Netwrix Auditor because of its attractive pricing and easy implementation.

- Kerry Schrantz, Network Operations Manager at Pike Energy

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