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Change auditing is critical to maintaining an efficient and secure IT infrastructure and for maintaining compliance and audit requirements. Without effective and convenient tracking and ongoing review of changes in IT systems and applications organizations risk losing control of security. Unauthorized, unwanted, and malicious changes in IT infrastructure can have a negative impact on business continuity and predictability.

Netwrix Auditor automates and simplifies change auditing and reporting of critical IT systems across the entire IT infrastructure. No matter who changed what and where - be it Active Directory, file servers, Microsoft Exchange, filer appliances such as NetApp or EMC, virtual infrastructure, SQL Server databases, Windows Servers - everything is centrally audited, consolidated, and presented in easy to understand reports, scheduled for ongoing review and monitoriing of day-to-day administrative activities by your security team and periodic inspections by compliance auditors.

The Netwrix change and configuration auditing platform also supports auditing of applications that may not produce logs or do not provide enough insight into user activity so that you have a complete audit trail of 'Who, What, When and Where' and changes that may impact security and compliance do not go unnoticed compromising auditing requirements and troubleshooting.

Netwrix Auditor streamlines compliance to HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GLBA, FISMA and other regulations and drastically improves IT infrastructure visibility and internal security.

Powered by AuditAssurance™ technology, Netwrix Auditor produces reports that include complete information on every single change that occurred in IT infrustructure and can be used for investigation of security incidents. Another unique Netwrix technology, AuditIntelligence™, transforms raw audit data into meaningful and actionable intelligence to strenghten security and streamline compliance efforts. Data can be filtered by different criteria, such as name of person who made changes or accessed data, time period, and other parameters.

Unlike native auditing tools, Netwrix Auditor makes it very easy to find relevant answers to key questions of who changed what, when, where, including previous and new values for modified settings.

Platform Typical Audit Questions
Active Directory
  • Who added user to security group?
  • Who delegated management rights to OU?
  • Who created a new virtual machine?
  • Who changed resource pool parameters?
MS Exchange
  • Who deleted a mailbox?
  • Who accessed another user's mailbox?
  • Who reconfigured information store?
SQL Server
  • Who changed table structure schema in a production SQL database?
  • Who deleted production SQL database?
  • Who added new database login?
File Server
  • Who changed file permissions on file server?
  • Who accessed sensitive files on file servers?
  • Who deleted files from file server?
NetApp Filer
  • Who changed file permissions on NetApp Filers?
  • Who attempted to access folders with sensitive data on NetApp Filers?
  • Who failed to change files on NetApp Filers?
EMC VNX/VNXe/Celerra
  • Who changed file permissions on EMC VNX/VNXe/Celerra device?
  • Who accessed sensitive files on EMC VNX/VNXe/Celerra device?
  • Who deleted folders from EMC VNX/VNXe/Celerra device?
Group Policy
  • Who deactivated strong password policy?
  • Who unlinked GPO from organization unit?
  • Who configured new software installation policy?
Windows Server
  • Who installed what software?
  • Who changed computer configuration settings?
  • Who made changes to registry?
  • Who added members to local Administrators group?
  • What changes were made to DNS zones and records?
  • What patches and hotfixes were installed recently?
  • Who modified startup programs (AutoRun)?
  • Who changed file sharing settings and open shares?
  • Which web applications were created/changed/deleted?
  • What servers were added to / removed from a farm?
  • What changes occurred to the incoming/outgoing e-mail settings?

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