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We care about security of your data.
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How conceptClassifier Helps Federal, Defense and Intelligence Agencies with Information Security,
Governance and Compliance

We know your mission. Our solutions are already deployed at the US Army, the USAF and the Joint DoD environment.
We’re also finding and securing documents on the NIPRNet, SIPRNet and JWICKS networks. Whether you are looking
to modernize, move to the cloud, secure decades’ worth of classified information or enhance data transparency,
all that within the confines of a limited budget, we can help you complete your mission.

Identify sensitive information and reduce risk
Find Social Security, medical, financial and HR records, or other mission-critical content unique to your agency, both on premises and in the cloud. Automatically quarantine sensitive data stored in unsecure locations or accessible by large groups of users to minimize its exposure until you can make a thoughtful remediation decision.
Meet federal regulations for records management
Automatically identify and tag records in a consistent manner, and thereby comply with federal mandates, reduce the burden on end users, and ensure that records are stored in the correct location throughout their lifecycle.
Satisfy information requests in minutes, not days
Automatically scour your data repositories to find information pertaining to FOIA or Privacy Act information requests, reducing response times. Keep confidential information secure by automatically redacting sensitive data that is not related to the nature of request.
Get rid of unneeded data to reduce total cost of storage
Identify and clean up redundant, obsolete or trivial information across your IT environment to slash data storage and management expenses and reduce the risk of information disclosure.
Make the best use of data by increasing information transparency
Eliminate clutter and put your data into a logical order that enables your analysts to quickly find the data they need for more effective collaboration and knowledge sharing in a net-centric environment. By working with truly valuable and reliable data only, they’ll be able to make better decisions for your agency.

Understand data across your
entire environment

Want to gain complete visibility into your content, whether it’s structured or unstructured
data, on premises or in the cloud? We’ve got your back.

Windows File Servers
Nutanix Files
Dell Data Storage
Office 365
SQL Server
Oracle Database

Classify data accurately and automate your workflows

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Get accurate data
classification results
Gain a better understanding of data patterns specific to your agency. With compound term processing and statistical analysis, you’ll get more relevant results than you ever could with keywords and semantic analysis.
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Categorize data in a few clicks
Kick off your discovery in minutes with out-of-the-box rules that identify common types of confidential information, such as PII, PHI or contractual data. Easily create custom rules to find other data that matters to your agency.
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Streamline taxonomy management
Create and modify taxonomies in a user-friendly interface to discover and classify the unique types of data across your on-premises and cloud storages.
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Discover specific pieces of content
Find specific data related to a FOIA or Privacy Act request or a litigation process — without downtime or having to create new rules. Slash the time required to fulfill information requests.
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Automate data-related routines
Embed classification information right into your files to improve the accuracy of your DLP or IRM products and streamline data management tasks, such as retaining, archiving or migrating only specific types of data.
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Automatically reduce exposure
Protect sensitive files by automatically moving them to a safe area, removing permissions from global access groups and redacting confidential content from documents.

Contract Number: NNG15SD18B

Held by AATD


Contract Number: FA8732-15-D-0030

Held by AECOM

GSA Schedule 70

Contract Number: GS-35F-0654W

Held by DocPoint Solutions

Texas DIR

Contract Number: DIR-TSO-3665

Held by COMPU-DATA International