It’s crucial to promptly detect and fix any issues that arise with Netwrix Auditor so you can maintain continuous auditing. See how you can check Netwrix Auditor’s health on a regular basis.
To keep the monitoring process secure, you need to be able to granularly assign the appropriate access rights to each IT administration and business team in accordance with the least-privilege principle. See how you can do this with Netwrix Auditor.
To satisfy the needs of thousands of users, Netwrix Auditor has a lot of settings that can be adjusted. See how you can fine-tune these settings to make the software fit your specific needs.
To start collecting audit data and make use of Netwrix Auditor’s security intelligence, you need to configure monitoring plans. See how to create a monitoring plan, add data sources and items to it, and manage its settings.
To get the most from any software solution, you need to install and configure it properly. Review the points during the Netwrix Auditor installation and configuration process when people tend to slip up so you can get it right the first time.