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Crazy Cyber Battle: Hacker vs Netwrix Privilege Secure

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About the Webinar

Netwrix Privilege Secure will fight the first battle with our white-hat hacker by minimizing security risks related to privileged access.

Watch our first cyber battle, with white-hat hacker Brian Johnson (security enthusiast and president of 7 Minute Security) facing off against Martin Cannard (VP of Product Strategy at Netwrix).

We will all get see in real time how well Netwrix Privilege Secure defends against multiple attacks, including:

  • Abusing the local admin access commonly granted to far too many users to do things like dump cleartext credentials from memory.
  • Sneaking in an extra “backdoor” local admin
  • Moving laterally from one compromised system to gain local admin rights everywhere
  • Abusing wide-open RDP access to remote into a system with admin access and then dump out a copy of the AD database or exfiltrate sensitive content
  • Using Pass-the-Hash to authenticate via RDP
  • Performing a ticket-stealing attack
  • Using a password spraying attack to discover accounts that haven’t been logged into in a long time and might well have weak passwords
Brian Johnson avatar
Brian Johnson, Security enthusiast / Podcaster
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Martin Cannard, VP of Product Strategy