Video Tutorial: Creating a Convincing Cred-Capturing Phishing Site

About Webinar

Attackers love to craft irresistible phishing portals that tempt us to give up our corporate credentials, so why shouldn't we be able to do the same — for good, rather than evil?

In this session, Brian Johnson from 7 Minute Security will show you how to create a convincing credential-capturing phishing portal in about an hour, so you can use it to test your users and educate them about how to avoid real phishing scams. You will learn how to:

  • Find good phishing domains that won't be flagged as suspicious
  • Set up a free web host for your phishing portal
  • Create a Google account to send your phishing emails from
  • Design a phishing page that mimics a real website 
  • Establish firewall rules to keep your portal hidden from web bots and misuse
Jeff Melnick, Solutions engineer
Brian Johnson, Security enthusiast / Podcaster