[Product Training] Best Practices Series: Detecting and Blocking Cyber Threats

About the Webinar

New cyber threats are emerging every day, old threats are getting trickier, and attacks are inflicting more damage than ever. How can you possibly stay on top of it all and protect your organization?

With Netwrix solutions at hand, you can build a comprehensive cyber threat management program that facilitates detection, investigation and prevention of security incidents. Join our customer success team to discover the key best practices you need to implement.

You’ll learn:

  • The most common cyber threats and their consequences
  • The key signs of an attack to watch for
  • How to use Netwrix solutions to detect and respond to all those threats in time to prevent security incidents
Mike Tierney avatar
Mike Tierney, VP of Customer Success
Michael Purdin avatar
Michael Purdin, Customer Success Engineer
Gavin Ashton avatar
Gavin Ashton, Security Strategist