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We care about security of your data.
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Google Drive
Classify and secure data stored on Google Drive
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We care about security of your data.
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Accurate data classification for your organization’s Google Drive

More and more organizations are turning to cloud storage, such as Google Drive, to keep and share their content. But how can you ensure that employees are always able to find the documents they need, and that your sensitive data is not overexposed? Netwrix Data Classification helps you protect sensitive information in the cloud while making that content easy to discover and navigate.
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Save time with automated data classification
Eliminate inconsistent and error-prone manual tagging and free up users’ time by automating the data classification process.
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Classify Google Drive data accurately
Make sure that users aren’t irritated by falsely classified documents and files with sensitive information don’t get leaked because they were not classified correctly.
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Jump-start data security with predefined taxonomies
Secure sensitive files more easily, without having to spend your valuable time building complex regular expressions and testing your classification rules.
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Modify taxonomies without costly professional services
Adjust classification rules yourself or let subject matter experts fine-tune them to their needs using an intuitive taxonomy manager.
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Enrich your other solutions with accurate tagging
Protect data stored on Google Drive and gain more from your data loss prevention (DLP) tools by embedding accurate classification tags right into each document’s metadata.
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Establish an ongoing data remediation process
Automatically migrate overexposed files to a secure location, and notify responsible personnel every time a sensitive file is detected on an overexposed drive.

Improve Google Drive security and turn your content into a business advantage

Every day, your users create tons of content, store it on multiple on-premises and cloud repositories, and share it with other users, both internally and externally. How can you keep track of all that data and ensure its security? Discover and classify your data — regardless of where it is stored — with Netwrix Data Classification.
Extend your security controls to the cloud and prove compliance
Reliably identify regulated information, such as Social Security numbers or credit card numbers, throughout your multiple repositories. Provide auditors with hard evidence that your security controls are enforced and your privacy policy terms are followed.
Automatically reduce the exposure of sensitive and business-critical data
Minimize the risk of a data breach and avoid legal ramifications by automatically migrating sensitive data to a secure location and making sure you know if a sensitive file becomes overexposed.
Help data users be more efficient and save yourself time for your primary tasks
Enable employees to always find the information they need to do their jobs, without having to sift through scattered piles of poorly organized content — or complaining to you that they cannot find a file they urgently need.
Avoid wasting time and resources on managing unneeded data
Cut down on storage costs and stop spending your valuable time managing content that could have been safely deleted. Identify redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) content and keep only what matters for your business.
Respond to legal requests with confidence
Enable your legal teams to identify documents for litigation cases reliably and accurately, while avoiding the steep costs that result from overcollection. Automatically preserve electronic evidence during litigation to avoid fines and reduce the risk of losing a case.
Learn more how we can help you solve your most pressing information protection, content optimization and compliance needs, regardless of where you store your data.