Identify, Classify and Secure Sensitive Data on Your
File Shares

Netwrix Auditor Data
Discovery and Classification Edition:

Identify and Classify Identify and Classify

See where sensitive files are located
and what is inside them.

Secure Secure

Ensure that access controls around
sensitive data are risk-appropriate.

Ensure Compliance Ensure Compliance

Demonstrate that you can protect data
as required by regulations.

Identify & Classify

Where are your most sensitive files located?

In order to protect PII, PHI, PCI or IP, you need to know where it is located. But modern environments are very dynamic, with business users copying and moving data all the time. Can you keep track of your most critical information? Do you know which folders contain sensitive data today? Tomorrow? Next week?

Get a high-level overview of the protected information you store
Identify the shares with the highest concentrations of critical or sensitive data,
so you can secure them first with risk-appropriate access controls. See exactly
which kinds of protected information they contain, such as bank card data,
medical records or other PII.

How can I keep my sensitive data secure?

Identifying where your sensitive content resides is just the first step. To minimize the risk of a data breach or non-compliance, you also need to be able to gather the relevant context and implement risk-appropriate controls around the data. Ask yourself the following questions:

Who can access the sensitive data?
Who owns the sensitive data?
Is there any sensitive data in unsecure locations?
Ensure Compliance

How can I reduce the stress and costs
associated with compliance audits?

As the GDPR has shown, new regulations can cause serious waves in the IT industry. While you can’t predict which types of data you will need to secure next, you can have a flexible solution in place ready to discover sensitive data based on criteria that are relevant to you. Here’s how you can establish a solid foundation for compliance and streamline preparations for future IT audits.

Be ready to accommodate new data security regulations
Easily discover the data that the GDPR and other compliance regulations require you to protect, and establish a solid foundation for complying with future data security requirements.
Prove the effectiveness of your data security controls to auditors
Demonstrate that you know exactly where sensitive data resides and quickly provide evidence that only eligible employees can read, modify, share or delete those critical files.
Determine the severity of a data breach
Analyze how much data a malicious insider or a compromised account had access to and exactly which pieces of data were actually viewed, modified or deleted, so you can notify all affected parties and take other appropriate steps.
Learn more about how Netwrix Auditor's Data Discovery and Classification empowers organizations just like yours to prioritize their efforts and secure data in accordance with its value or sensitivity.

Data Discovery and Classification

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In this webcast, our experts will demonstrate how you can identify where sensitive files reside and use this information to incorporate the risk-appropriate access controls to secure this data.

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