Data Security in 2021: Lessons Learned Looking Back and What to Expect Looking Forward

About the Webinar

No one has a crystal ball that reveals exactly what data security challenges we’ll have to overcome in 2021. But we have the next best thing: Two top cybersecurity experts have analyzed the trends from 2020 and made some educated guesses about what organizations must do to protect their data in the coming year. Nick Cavalancia is a Technical Evangelist, Microsoft MVP, & CEO of Conversational Geek, and Ilia Sotnikov is VP of Product Management at Netwrix.

Nick and Ilia review the predictions they made a year ago and analyze why some were spot-on while others missed the mark. Then they share their insights into what to expect in 2021, including:

  • How remote work has reshaped security culture and the implications for your security stance
  • How the “ransomware-turned-data-breach” trend will cause more problems than ever
  • The growing problem of mass data fragmentation and its consequences
Nick Cavalancia, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft MVP & CEO of Conversational Geek
Ilia Sotnikov, Vice President, Product Management