[Deep Dive] SIEMple Life with Netwrix

About the Webinar

The need to detect security threats in real time is one of the top drivers for deploying a SIEM solution. However, SIEM systems have certain limitations that make them inefficient without additional investments in technology and personnel. In this webinar, our expert shares how integrating your SIEM with Netwrix solutions can reduce your SIEM ownership costs and complement your reactive measures with a proactive approach to data security.

In this 30-minute session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Automatically identify sensitive content to focus your data protection efforts on what really matters
  • Get SIEM output data in human-readable format
  • Reduce the risk of incidents by minimizing the exposure of critical data and streamlining regular entitlement reviews
  • Spend less time investigating SIEM alerts on anomalous user behavior
Adam Stetson, Solutions engineer