[Deep Dive] MS Teams: Secure Collaboration

About the Webinar

As organizations shifted to remote work practically overnight, use of Microsoft Teams skyrocketed. This collaboration tool makes it easy for employees to share tons of files each day — but it creates headaches for the IT teams who need to keep up with the associated data security challenges. When it’s so easy for users to share information from anywhere and with anyone, how can you ensure that your sensitive data won’t get into the wrong hands? Are you confident that your employees allow only authorized users and apps to access valuable data?  

Watch this deep-dive session and find answers to these and other questions about Microsoft Teams security.

You'll learn how to:

  • Gain deep visibility into all your sensitive data in Teams
  • Automatically remove files from Teams that shouldn’t be there
  • Quickly detect suspicious activity around your data and teams membership
  • Control which applications gain access to your critical data
Bradford Eadie, Systems Engineer