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Hack the Hackers: Exploring ChatGPT and PentestGPT in Penetration Testing

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About the Webinar

Join white-hat hacker Brian Johnson (security enthusiast and president of 7 Minute Security) for an insightful webinar on penetration testing using cutting-edge AI tools. He’ll focus on ChatGPT and PentestGPT, an open-source tool designed to assist in penetration testing that integrates seamlessly with ChatGPT.

Watch this session to discover:

  • How ChatGPT compares with other prominent language models like those from Meta and Google
  • Which types of questions and prompts that ChatGPT excels at, and where it may not be the ideal solution
  • What steps are involved in an Active Directory penetration test
  • How you can use PentestGPT to jumpstart a pen test, and what its limitations are

But that’s not all! We’ll also discuss how to defend against emerging threats like AI-powered attacks, and explore how Netwrix solutions provide you with a formidable defense.

Brian Johnson avatar
Brian Johnson,
Security enthusiast / Podcaster
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Daniel McLaughlin,
Solutions Engineer
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Jonathan Blackwell,
Director of Engineering