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From Unclassified to Top Secret: Strengthening Data Security in Sensitive Environments

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About the Webinar

Public sector and military contractors handle a wide range of sensitive data. It can be a huge challenge to maintain a comprehensive inventory of that data, classify it accurately, and tightly control access to it in accordance with its sensitivity.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can enhance your data security and ensure compliance with key regulatory requirements. We’ll cover:

  • US and NATO data privacy requirements and confidentiality levels (Unclassified, Sensitive, Confidential, Secret and Top Secret)
  • GDPR requirements regarding data privacy and confidentiality, including the types of data that are included
  • How reliable and accurate data classification can help you not only ensure regulatory compliance but improve your resilience against ransomware attacks and data breaches
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Jordan Jasnoch,
Solutions engineer
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Jonathan Armstrong,
Partner at Cordery
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Istvan Molnar,
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