[Halloween Special] Top 5 Ways to Ward Off Cyber Ghosts

About the Webinar

Cyber criminals are not ghosts or vampires. The bad news is, that means they can be awake and plotting their malicious attacks 24/7, not only on Halloween night. The good news is, there’s no need to hang smelly garlic all over your office or pour messy salt along the threshold to your server room — Netwrix is here to help with truly effective strategies!

In this thrilling Halloween session with Brian Johnson from 7 Minute Security and Jeff Melnick from Netwrix, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up honeypots to trap attackers
  • Detect common signs of network attacks
  • Implement the Microsoft LAPS
  • Disable ipv6 to prevent some password relay attacks
  • Audit Active Directory for bad passwords


Jeff Melnick avatar
Jeff Melnick, Solutions engineer
Brian Johnson avatar
Brian Johnson, Security enthusiast / Podcaster