HIPAA Violations Explained: How to Create a Realistic Program to Pass an Audit

About the Webinar

There are hundreds of ways that HIPAA rules can be violated — improper disclosures of PHI, unauthorized access, failure to conduct risk analysis, failure to maintain and monitor PHI access logs, and many more! But most violations come not from malicious intent but from a poor understanding of the HIPAA requirements. 

Join HIPAA consultant David Ginsberg and Netwrix IT expert Jeff Melnick as they explain:

  • Common HIPAA violations you should be aware of
  • A deeper dive into violations involving texting, social media and mishandling of records
  • How to create a realistic program for passing external and internal audits
  • New HIPPA requirements and how to ensure your compliance with them
Jeff Melnick, Solutions engineer
David Ginsberg, President, PrivaPlan