How to Protect Your Organization Against Lateral Movement Attacks

About the Webinar

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions seek to address a simple question - how do we appropriately provide and protect privileged access to our IT assets? Traditional PAM products have focused on deploying controls on top of an enterprise's existing identity practices, like providing password and session management for shared built-in admin accounts, or a password-of-the-day for personal privileged accounts. Unfortunately, these approaches focus on protecting identities that permanently possess privileges on systems, databases, applications, and more, ultimately leaving your organization vulnerable to Lateral Movement attacks. Simply put, admin privileges provide the means attackers require to complete their mission through elevated permissions, and these "always-on" privileged accounts offer exactly what's needed... But there's an alternative and modern approach - Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP).
Join Martin Cannard, VP of Product Strategy at Netwrix, as he reviews this pioneering new concept and demonstrates how you can eliminate standing privileges and replace them with a policy-driven process for obtaining privileged access, drastically reducing your threat surface.

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Martin Cannard, VP of Product Strategy