Implementing Least Privilege Security on Windows Endpoints with Netwrix PolicyPak

About the Webinar

Microsoft recommends restricting local administrator accounts on workstations and servers. Hackers and bad actors require admin rights so that they can embed machines with malicious code. Despite the risk, IT departments assign elevated permissions because users often need local admin rights to run and install business-critical applications and scripts. Unfortunately for organisations, even one over-privileged user presents a significant risk to workstations, whether or not UAC is enabled.

With the Netwrix PolicyPak Least Privilege Management Pak, you don't have to give away local admin rights. Instead, PolicyPak lets you configure rules that enable standard users to overcome UAC prompts without the elevated security risk.

Join Jeremy Moskowitz, 18X Microsoft MVP, for a live product demo of Netwrix PolicyPak. You'll see how Netwrix PolicyPak can help you prevent breaches, enforce compliance, and meet critical requirements for cyber insurance.

During this live demonstration, you will learn how Netwrix PolicyPak:

  • Removes Local Admin rights without affecting productivity

  • Automatically blocks ransomware and unknown-ware

  • Automatically blocks USB & CD-ROMs for inbound ransomware and outbound data exfiltration

  • Manages and secures your browsers

  • Manages and secures your applications and middleware

Jeremy Moskowitz avatar
Jeremy Moskowitz, CTO and Founder of PolicyPak