Netwrix Exchange Mail Archiver

e-Discovery and Exchange storage optimization

This product is no longer available. Please check other free tools offered by Netwrix.

Importing PST Files

Exchange Mail Archiver allows you to archive emails that were processed by Microsoft Exchange before the installation of the product, so that all your messages would be kept in one central storage. Emails are moved to archive store without any end-user intervention.

Using Netwrix solution for Microsoft Exchange email archiving removes the problem for users to archive their mail in PST files on local hard disks, so after importing you can completely eliminate PST files from your Exchange environment, if needed.

Importing PST files

Large sized PST files can significantly lower performance of Microsoft Outlook and create difficulties to backup and search. They cannot be managed easily. Many users do not know how to organize their PST files appropriately. Exchange Mail Archiver gives the mailbox owners the ability to access past email without necessity to dig through a store of PST files on disk to find a certain email.

PST file migration into archive store also provides the authenticity of email messages which is critically important for eDiscovery. Users can no longer alter or delete their emails after they were archived from PST files.

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