Improve Your IT Security Posture by Reducing Your IT Risks

Netwrix Auditor’s IT Risk Assessment reports help you identify weaknesses in your IT security policy settings and practices so you can continually improve your security posture. Quickly spot the risks that require your immediate attention and drill down to actionable details that enable prompt mitigation.
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Identify and Close Security Gaps with Continuous Risk Assessment

IT risk assessment helps you identify security gaps that put your information assets and business continuity at risk. Netwrix Auditor makes it easy to understand your current risk profile, prioritize your response, know what steps to take to remediate each issue, and then review the new risk profile to assess the success of your efforts. By repeating this process, you can continuously improve your security posture, as well as provide proof to management or auditors of your compliance with internal policies or external regulations.

Identify security gaps
that require your attention

Quickly assess your vulnerabilities in each of three key areas: permissions, data, and user and computer accounts. Start with the area where the threat is highest and dive into the specific risk factors that require your immediate attention, such as directly assigned permissions on files and folders, inappropriate administrative group nesting, or user accounts that can access your environment without proper authentication.

Continuously evaluate
your security posture

After you have remediated your top risk factors for data, permissions, and user and computer accounts, evaluate whether your security posture has improved, and repeat the risk assessment and mitigation process continuously. Present the IT Risk Assessment report to your management and auditors to prove that you have an effective risk mitigation program in place.