Maribor, Slovenia, March 12, 2019

Learn how to assess IT risks and improve data security from Netwrix experts at RISK 2019

Netwrix invites all attendees to its keynote presentation and workshops to learn about IT risk management and data security governance

Netwrix, a vendor of information security and governance software, today announced it will participate as a Gold sponsor at the RISK Conference 2019 on March 20–21 in Laško, Slovenia. The conference is organized by REAL security d.o.o., a Netwrix distributor. Netwrix invites all conference participants to attend its 30-minute keynote presentation on March 20 at 11 a.m. in the Main Hall, as well as the two follow-up workshops.

In the keynote speech, titled “How to Perform an IT Risk Assessment,” Netwrix experts Evgenia Izotova and Sergey Akhrameev will explain the first step of a comprehensive IT risk management process that enables organizations better protect their information assets. During the subsequent workshops, Sergey will demonstrate how Netwrix Auditor enables organizations to relieve the burden of finding the data that really needs protection and secure it properly.

Keynote: “How to Perform an IT Risk Assessment”, Wednesday, March 20, 11 a.m., Main Hall
Workshop #1: “Continuous Risk Assessment with Netwrix Auditor”, Wednesday, March 20, 3 p.m., Green Hall
Workshop #2: “Reducing IT Risks with Netwrix Auditor”, Thursday, March 21, 11 a.m., Green Hall
Experts: Evgenia Izotova and Sergey Akhrameev, both of Netwrix
Location: Thermana Park Laško, Slovenia

Netwrix Auditor is an agentless data security platform that empowers organizations to accurately identify sensitive, regulated and mission-critical information and apply access controls consistently, regardless of where the information is stored. It enables them to minimize the risk of data breaches and ensure regulatory compliance by proactively reducing the exposure of sensitive data and promptly detecting policy violations and suspicious user behavior.

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Netwrix champions cybersecurity to ensure a brighter digital future for any organization. Netwrix's innovative solutions safeguard data, identities, and infrastructure reducing both the risk and impact of a breach for more than 13,500 organizations across 100+ countries. Netwrix empowers security professionals to face digital threats with confidence by enabling them to identify and protect sensitive data as well as to detect, respond to, and recover from attacks.

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