Active Directory Security

[Learning Lab] Fundamental Active Directory Security Controls with Netwrix Enterprise Auditor

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About the Webinar

Netwrix Enterprise Auditor provides powerful visibility and control across Active Directory and Entra ID. To protect your organization against advanced attacks and overprivileged access, you have to understand where high-risk conditions exist within AD and how to remediate them. In this training, a product expert will walk you through identifying key risks within Active Directory and preparing a remediation plan. 

During the session, you will learn how to: 
- Run Active Directory inventory and check what data is collected within the product
- Understand key security reports produced by the Active Directory solution and interpret them
- Analyze Active Directory permissions 
- Detect "Shadow Access" and mitigate attack paths within your AD environment to keep your privileges safe

Watch this learning lab and take the next step towards securing your organization's data.

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Chris Nieves,
Solutions Engineer