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This product is no longer available. Please check other free tools offered by Netwrix.

Litigation Hold Option

Litigation hold (also known as "hold order", "preservation order" or "stop destruction notice")  is a  requirement to an organization to  preserve all electronically stored information (ESI) that may be connected to a  legal action  involving this organization. Litigation  hold is aimed to prevent  evidence spoliation. According to  amendments to the United States Federal Rules  of Civil Procedure  concerning the discovery of electronically  stored information,  that took effect December 1, 2006, companies are required to hold all electronic records until each legal matter has been resolved, even if a company only reasonably anticipates litigation.

Litigation hold applies to all existing and future electronic responsive records. There are many traps an organization can be caught in at the very beginning of civil litigation, if it is not well-informed about its preservation responsibilities and does not have an efficient plan to realize. Among the most critical issues is ensuring automatic record deletion has stopped when litigation is anticipated.

Netwrix Exchange Mail Archiver allows you to avoid difficulties with providing for electronic discovery and other types of forensics analysis and overloading your Exchange server at the same time. Exchange Mail Archiver with the litigation hold feature keeps all old messages archived in its own storage that is accessible whenever you need them.

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