Mitigating Insider Threat: 3 Factors to Consider

About the Webinar

In our webinar, Boaz Fischer, CEO of CommsNet Group and a specialist in insider threat risk assessment, detection and response, will give you thorough insight into the human element of security — the insiders who can commit malicious acts or make mistakes that put the organisation at risk. Then Bob Cordisco, a Netwrix systems engineer, will show how you can facilitate detection of unauthorized insider activity and investigate incidents across the organisation more efficiently with Netwrix Auditor.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Get concrete evidence of privilege abuse incidents
  • Be notified about high-risk insider threat patterns
  • Identify sensitive data that is overexposed
  • Identify security weak spots so you can remediate them before they are exploited
  • Spot suspicious sensitive data access events
Bob Cordisco, Solutions engineer
Boaz Fischer, CEO of CommsNet Group