Is Your NetApp Monitoring Enough to Shield Your Data?

Does your organization store critical data on NetApp devices? Are you sure that nothing can jeopardize the security of this information? When it comes to shielding your data from bad insiders and outside attacks, third-party NetApp performance monitoring tools are simply not enough. Bridge your NetApp security gaps with an efficient solution that goes far beyond NetApp monitoring. Netwrix Auditor for NetApp enables you to ensure that unauthorized users can’t access your data without your knowing; instantly determine who made what changes to critical files, shares, and permissions; and get peace of mind with threshold-based alerts.

What NetApp storage performance monitoring tools can’t do

If your NetApp Filer devices store confidential data critical for your business, you need to stay alert to any critical change or unauthorized client access that could jeopardize system security, violate your data privacy policy or hurt file server performance. To enable monitoring of NetApp environments, you can use a NetApp storage monitoring tool like NetApp OnCommand Performance Manager. However, keep in mind that this NetApp storage performance monitoring tool isn’t included with your NetApp Filer, and is designed solely to analyze storage performance and compare it to a baseline. But you need to be able to quickly spot unauthorized data access and investigate in minutes how the user got permissions to access critical files. This NetApp storage monitoring tool simply doesn’t deliver the threat detection you need or enable you to dig deep into the root cause of security incidents.

Complementing NetApp monitoring tools with Netwrix Auditor

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a NetApp tool that notifies you every time there is a mass deletion of files, and alerts you before it’s too late if there are multiple attempts to access a folder with sensitive data? Monitor NetApp and eliminate security gaps with Netwrix Auditor for NetApp. Netwrix Auditor is a game-changer for data security, overcoming the limitations of NetApp monitoring software by delivering true security intelligence and detecting ransomware in its early stages. You can finally make sure that no suspicious activity undergoes your radar and only authorized users access your critical information.

With Netwrix Auditor you can:

  • Complement third-party NetApp CIFS performance monitoring tools with efficient tracking of NetApp activity, so you can quickly spot aberrant changes to files, folders, shares and permissions and chase down unauthorized access before a breach happens.
  • Stay aware of everything what’s going on in your NetApp environment by simply subscribing to the reports you need; you’ll get them automatically on the schedule you specify.
  • Investigate suspicious activity within minutes by identifying the root cause of aberrant activity with the Google-like interactive search.
  • Secure your sensitive data better by instantly detecting and remediating insider threats, ransomware and other attacks with threshold-based alerts.
  • Keep your NetApp security intelligence in a two-tiered (file-based + SQL Server database) storage for over 10 years for in-house security investigations or periodic audit checks.

All NetApp Storage Activity report from Netwrix Auditor: Action, Object Type, What, Who and When