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See File, Folder and Permission Change Details with Netwrix NetApp Monitoring Tool

NetApp Filer devices store some of the most critical data in the IT infrastructure of any organization. The importance of these devices will often depend on the importance of the files kept there, and an organization usually has several NetApp Filer devices storing confidential data critical for business. If that data is lost or compromised, this can interrupt operations or cause legal problems.

Valuable NetApp Filer devices are protected against unauthorized access and hardware failure however, preventive and protective measures are overlooked when determining the cause of a data or security breach. For this reason, file operations such as successful reads/writes, folder removal/renaming/creation, and permissions changes should be constantly monitored.

This enables administrators to investigate problems in complete detail, minimizing the effects of adverse changes. Furthermore, this NetApp monitoring tool presents a means to show compliance to regulatory auditors and internal business managers.

Having a good security plan over sensitive data is just half the solution. Only detailed NetApp auditing will confirm critical and sensitive files are truly safe. Netwrix Auditor reports on the the most crucial audit data (who changed what, when and where) for file, folder, and permission changes across all NetApp Filer devices.

Before and after values are captured by Netwrix NetApp monitoring tool to show complete picture of what changed. For example, when a user’s permission over a valuable file of folder is changed from reader to full control, both values are reported, old (read) and new (write). This gives important information and helps to ensure overall data integrity while maintaining compliance.

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