Event Log Management with Netwrix Auditor

Generic events consolidation, archiving, real-time alerting and reporting

Network infrastructure devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, and others, are the core infrastructure of every computer network. Without correct configuration settings the entire network or any part of it can become unreachable, underperforming, and vulnerable to external attacks or become a source of numerous connectivity issues.

Configuration settings of numerous devices within network infrastructure need to be set in exact ways to provide high availability and performance. However, no network can exist without dynamic changes that occur daily: new devices appear, old devices become obsolete, configuration changes are made by network administrators, including accidental and unauthorized changes. And even the smallest change can result in downtime or performance issues.

Continuous network auditing can help administrators and managers see changes with audit reports. The change audit data can be used for security analysis, troubleshooting, and compliance audits.

Network audit reports

Event log management is a feature of Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server that commands flexible audit archiving filters and allows you to collect and consolidate just the needed syslog information from various network infrastructure devices, such as Cisco. You will be notified of changes with real time alerts and get reports with details about changes that are made to network devices configuration settings. Network auditing of this kind ensures you are aware of changes occurring in your network components, allows you to understand these changes and support a sustaining operation of the entire network, reducing risk of downtime and performance issues.

If you are interested in auditing changes to your critical IT systems, try out Netwrix Auditor - the #1 change and configuration auditing platform that enables complete visibility into who did what, when and where across the entire IT infrastructure.

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