Netwrix Auditor on Amazon Web Services

By embracing the cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS), organizations are increasing the robustness and elasticity of their IT infrastructures, improving IT efficiency, and dramatically reducing operational costs.

Netwrix Auditor Supports
Your Cloud Move

The Netwrix Auditor virtual machine image (AMI) available on AWS Marketplace provides an automated launch process, so you can have Netwrix Auditor deployed in the AWS cloud in a matter of minutes. No downloads, installs, or manual provisioning and configuring of prerequisites are required — all you need is an active AWS account.

Visibility into cloud and
on-premises environments

The Netwrix AWS offering delivers a single point of visibility into changes, configurations and data access in your cloud-based, hybrid or on-premises environment for improved security, compliance and IT productivity.

Choice of licensing models

Netwrix lets you operate the way you prefer by offering two licensing models for Netwrix Auditor on AWS: BYOL (bring your own license) and on-demand through an hourly subscription.

Quick automated deployment

The Netwrix Auditor virtual appliance includes all prerequisites, and provisioning of Netwrix Auditor is fully automated, speeding time to value.

Superior technical support service

Customers with Netwrix Auditor deployments in the AWS cloud qualify for professional technical support services.

Global availability

The Netwrix AWS offering is not limited to a particular geographical region, so you can deploy Netwrix Auditor from any location.

Cloud Security and Compliance Orchestration with Netwrix Auditor on AWS Marketplace

When you deploy Netwrix Auditor in the AWS cloud, you get the same rich set of cross-system auditing and reporting capabilities that provide visibility and control over changes, configurations and data access in thousands of on-premises data centers around the world — just faster and more conveniently. Our unified visibility platform delivers security analytics and actionable intelligence that help you detect anomalous user behavior, accurately identify potential insider threats and efficiently investigate security incidents.

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