Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL Server
Freeware that keeps you informed about changes to your Microsoft SQL Server
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How long does it take you to find out what was changed on your SQL Server?
Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL Server is a free SQL tool that keeps you on top of what’s happening inside your database server by detecting changes made to its configurations, including database creation and deletion, and changes to database logins, roles and schemas. This freeware sends daily reports detailing every change made during the last 24 hours, including the before and after values.
See what changed
Indicates what SQL Server objects were added, modified or removed, with the current and past values for modified items.
Automate auditing
Collects and aggregates data about changes from multiple SQL servers and automatically sends daily reports to keep you informed.
Increase efficiency
Delivers meaningful data about changes, eliminating the need to analyze tons of native SQL Server logs.
Save your IT budget
Requires zero investments and will never expire or stop working when you need it.
Continuous database auditing is critical to data security and high availability of mission-critical applications and services. However, neither native tools nor most free SQL tools can efficiently monitor configuration and security changes on SQL Server. Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL Server eliminates the noise and enables you to stay on top of the most critical changes to your SQL servers in a timely and convenient fashion.
Because databases are used to store valuable assets, they are normally hidden far behind firewalls. But even the most secure perimeter is not sufficient protection. You also need ongoing monitoring of changes to SQL Server configuration in order to ensure timely detection of potentially malicious activity on your SQL servers. Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL Server is a free SQL reporting tool that enables IT admins to easily review configuration changes daily for incorrect, unauthorized or suspicious activity so they can remediate any issues before they result in a data breach.

Awareness versus Complete Visibility

Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL Server gives you continuous awareness of what is happening in your database servers. However, the functionality offered by this free SQL tool is limited. If you are looking for complete visibility into your SQL servers and advanced reporting capabilities, we recommend you try Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server. You can evaluate the full version with a free 20-day trial.
Change Notifier Netwrix Auditor
Feature Change Notifier Netwrix Auditor
Reporting on changes to server instances, databases, database users, roles and schemas
Reporting on changes to database objects (including tables, views, stored procedures, indices, etc.) and database content on a row level
Before and after values for modified logins and roles
Before and after values for all modifications
Automatic daily email reports showing changes made during the last day
Who, when and where details for every change
Predefined reports based on SQL Server Reporting Services, with filtering, sorting and export options
Google-like search of audit data
Out-of-the-box compliance reports mapped to specific regulatory standards (PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53 and ISO/IEC 27001)
Long-term storage of audit data
Email subscriptions to scheduled SQL Server reports with the ability to choose reports, recipients and reporting frequency
Single installation that handles multiple servers
Unique auditing settings for each monitored server
Integrated interface for all Netwrix applications, which provides centralized configuration and settings management
Advanced cross-system audit reporting

Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server:

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System Requirements

Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL Server is very simple to deploy. Below is a summary of the minimum system requirements.
  • Intel or AMD 32 bit, 2 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM*
  • 50 MB

* This is a rough estimate. The actual memory required will depend on the average number of changes per day in your monitored environment.

Operating System:
  • Windows XP SP3 or above
Other required components:
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Windows Installer 3.1 or above
Quick Start Guide:
Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL Server