Netwrix Data Classification Demonstration

About this webinar

Recorded: August 30, 2019

We are excited to showcase the functionality of our newest product — Netwrix Data Classification! 
This software reveals the true value of information you store and cures both your information security and governance headaches. 

Watch a special live demo and learn how to: 
• Accurately identify sensitive information and reduce its exposure 
• Slash expenses on data storage by cleaning up obsolete or trivial information 
• Respond to legal requests without putting your business on hold 
• Streamline data management tasks by retaining, archiving or migrating only specific types of data 
• Integrate Netwrix Data Classification with Netwrix Auditor to get additional information about permissions and spot suspicious activity around your data

Hosted by
Daniel Goater,
Solutions Engineer
Zabair Bhatti,
Solutions Engineer at Concept Searching, part of Netwrix Corporation

Netwrix Auditor Product Demo

See what Netwrix Auditor has to offer, including how you can prevent data breaches by staying in control of your sensitive and regulated data. Join a Netwrix systems engineer as he demonstrates how to:

  • Identify and remediate your biggest security gaps using the IT Risk Assessment dashboard
  • Detect and investigate abnormal user behavior faster with alerts and Google-like search
  • Minimize response time to common incidents or anticipated threats with Automated Response
  • Pass compliance audits with far less effort using Data Discovery and Classification
  • And much more

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10:00am PDT
17 September, 10:00am PDT
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