Irvine, CA, March 11, 2020

Netwrix now delivers data classification for Google Drive and integrates with Microsoft Information Protection

Organizations can reduce security-related stress with trustworthy data tagging and prove compliance with the CCPA faster and more easily.

Netwrix, a vendor that makes data security easy, announced today the release of Netwrix Data Classification 5.5.2. This updated version enables customers to enrich Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) capabilities by accurately and consistently labelling documents; improve the security of sensitive content stored on their corporate Google Drive; and ease the burden of CCPA compliance.

Enhancements to Netwrix Data Classification 5.5.2 include:

  • Data classification for Google Drive
    Netwrix Data Classification now automatically identifies and classifies content stored on Google Drive so security and compliance teams can apply appropriate controls. As a result, organizations can secure the sensitive data they store in the cloud and pass compliance audits with far less effort.
  • Integration with Microsoft Information Protection
    Organizations can further reduce the risk of a breach by improving the effectiveness of their MIP controls. Netwrix Data Classification enriches the data protection and rights management capabilities of MIP by accurately labelling data based on statistical analysis of corporate content. This enables organizations to reduce the risk of a data leak due to incorrect labelling, and ensure that business processes are not disrupted because trivial files were falsely labelled as sensitive.
  • Predefined CCPA classification rules
    Out-of-the-box classification rules make it easy to identify CCPA-regulated data, so organizations can ensure that the information they store about California residents is properly controlled and prove it during compliance audits.

New privacy laws are putting organizations under increasing pressure to find and secure the vast amounts of customer data they store and process. Information security professionals need simple yet powerful solutions that provide accurate information about the data they have, without introducing unnecessary complexity into the IT environment. The new release of Netwrix Data Classification will help information security teams ensure that their security measures work as intended and ease the IT workload.
Steve Dickson, CEO at Netwrix.

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