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Enforce least privilege for users and applications — without sacrificing productivity.

Enforcing the principle of least privilege is critical to preventing exploits and misconfigurations and is a requirement of many compliance mandates. Netwrix Privilege Secure for Endpoints empowers your organization to limit standard user privileges and permissions to only what is required, which can help your organization reduce the risk of security breaches, malware infections, and compliance violations resulting from excessive user privileges.

Granularly elevate admin rights for specific executables
Elevate permissions only for specific applications and system processes that need to overcome UAC prompts. Empower standard user accounts to install and run sanctioned applications when needed — while ensuring they can’t deploy or execute unauthorized applications or malware.
Delegate privileged access to settings that typically require local admin rights
Give standard users explicit access to operating system settings, Control Panel applets, printer management, network card management and software uninstall — without granting them local admin rights.
Enforce least privilege wherever users work 
Location shouldn’t affect access management or weaken security. PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager works in domain-joined, MDM-enrolled and non-domain-joined environments.
Enable users to bypass UAC prompts
Provide a secure yet productive desktop experience by enabling both offline and online users to bypass UAC prompts if needed, by either requesting admin approval or performing self-elevation. 

Endpoint Privilege Management Solution

Netwrix Privilege Secure for Endpoints enhances productivity while maintaining security by selectively elevating permissions for necessary applications or processes. It enforces the principle of least privilege across Windows and MacOS networks, regardless of device type, including domain-joined, non-domain-joined, MDM-enrolled, or virtual devices.

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Elevation and Restriction Management
Elevates a standard user’s rights to install or run only the apps, MSI packages, OS processes, applets and scripts they need to do their job.
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Extensive Library of Preconfigured Rules 
Provides a large inventory of popular rules that you can drag and drop into Netwrix Privilege Secure for Endpoints to save time, reduce complexity and mitigate the risk of errors.
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Simpler Allow and Deny Listing
Lets you select applications to block and allow from an automatically generated list, unlike cumbersome solutions that force you to manually compile a software inventory.
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Management of PowerShell Use
Prevents standard users, administrators and system processes from running PowerShell scripts unless explicitly allowed.
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Unsigned Application Control
Prevents unsigned applications from running while allowing digitally signed applications to run normally (when sanctioned).  
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User Request and Admin Approval Workflow
Enables standard users to request elevated privileges, and empowers designated administrators to securely approve or deny those requests.
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Provides the flexibility to allow certain users to overcome Microsoft User Account Control (UAC) prompts in unique circumstances, and logs those events for future analysis.
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Option for Elevated Privileges  
Provides users with the option to run applications as either as a standard user or with elevated rights.
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On-Prem, MDM and Cloud Ready
Works seamlessly with Group Policy, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) and other MDM services, and the Netwrix PolicyPak Cloud service.
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Event Forwarding
Facilitates compliance by forwarding logs of privilege management activity to on-prem and cloud data repositories, your SIEM, or the Netwrix PolicyPak Cloud service.  
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Event Auditing
Creates an audit trail of actions users perform when using elevated rights, including which applications they run and actions they take, providing insight for policy decisions.
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Customizable Prompts
Offers the ability to customize request prompts and responses with your own text, company logo and colors.
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Netwrix Privilege Secure for Endpoints
Enforce least privilege for users and applications — without sacrificing productivity.
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Success Story - US Department of Veteran Affairs
See how the US Department of Veteran Affairs simplified endpoint security by deploying Netwrix PolicyPak across its 500,000 computers