Irvine, CA, February 18, 2020

Netwrix simplifies solving data security needs for customers and partners

Netwrix aims to become the easiest security vendor to do business with and ensure both customers and partners have positive experience with Netwrix products and services.

Netwrix, a vendor of information security and governance software, announced today it has updated the way the organization interacts with prospects, customers and partners with the goal of becoming the easiest vendor to do business with. Netwrix will remain a provider of powerful data security solutions as it offers simpler deployment, a more intuitive user experience, easier access to support resources and more transparent pricing.

The new strategy will enable prospects, customers and partners to realize the following benefits:

Simple software evaluation
Partners and prospects eliminate the time, effort and expense of traditional product demos. The Netwrix in-browser demo enables prospects to take a guided tour of Netwrix products from any standard browser, so they can quickly get first-hand experience and understand the core benefits. The traditional method of downloading and installing trial versions of the software is still available; it enables prospects to see results and realize value in their own environment in as little as one day.

Easy budget estimation
Netwrix now provides basic pricing on its website, so many partners and prospects will be able to understand the cost of the software without speaking to a sales rep. As a result, small organizations will be able to plan their investment and obtain budget approvals more quickly. In addition, Netwrix will be offering fixed pricing for its JumpStart program, so customers can leverage the expertise of Netwrix engineers to get their solutions up and running with minimal cost and hassle.

Smooth deployment and a short learning curve
To ensure partners and customers can enjoy the benefits of Netwrix products from day one, Netwrix will begin offering a personalized set of documentation customized for each customer’s unique installation and use cases. And to ensure that organizations realize the full potential of their Netwrix products, Netwrix has updated its video training courses to help IT professionals quickly get the value from the product and see exactly how to fix common issues.

IT, security and compliance pros are overwhelmed with work — they simply don’t have the time or desire to deal with confusing sales processes and complex technologies. We have made a number of changes to simplify how our customers, partners and prospects engage with Netwrix and to offer even more transparency. The adopted strategy will serve as a guiding principle for us as we continue to expand as a vendor providing powerful data security.
Steve Dickson, CEO at Netwrix.

Many products we evaluated added additional layers of complexity. We were simply exchanging one odious task for another: The need to develop in-depth knowledge of our native systems to conduct security audits was replaced with the need to learn in-depth knowledge of the product. We were able to operate Netwrix solution at the level we needed without a large investment in learning the product, with no need to set up complex arrangements or configurations.
Robert Hummel, IT Director at County of Cheshire, New Hampshire.

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